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Monday, January 20, 2014

Some Serious C.E.5 Calling, Too Close To Home! (Marietta Orb Photo) Latest MUFON Reports

(Reported Same Day)

Ive been watching the skies as much as possible lately. I was made aware of a technique called C.E.5.

The idea is that All points in time and space are connected.

Telepathy exists; the power of prayer so to speak. Here in North Atlanta the weather has been complete shit lately. I wont insult anyones intelligence here, I will just say it; the skies are being concealed from us this month. Its blatantly obvious.

This afternoon the sky broke wide open and I went to take some sun shots. I cleared my mind and sent a pure stream of conscious thought space bound. I started snapping photos when an intrusive thought came directly to mind.

It simply flashed the word "Trees."

I understand Quantum Physics, Behavioral Sciences, and understand my own mind better than anyone. This was a conscious thought.

After 2 minutes of snapping @the sun, I went inside and my wife had asked me what I was doing. I told her.

She is an amazing woman, and over the years has come to understand my fascination with the skies, and has on a previous encounter; witnessed something before w/me.

I went into the kitchen and shut the lights off to examine the digital photos.

On the 5th picture in sequence, there is a solid greenish white glowing orb/sphere in the trees. It is legit. I have examined the photo seriously,and it is confirmed.

While examining the photo I was instantly reminded of the intrusive thought.

This may seem crazy. But with God as my witness; its 100% the truth.

These things exist. Its not some opinion. Follow me on Twitter if you care to: @stucifer2
And, the real interesting Photo submitted:
No - this is not me. I do live in Marietta boundaries. Generally the Orbs that are called appear - and are not JUST captured on photograph. Could it be a thought projection that is being actualized?
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