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Thursday, June 26, 2014

2014 Georgia UFO Update

Hello Georgians - my home state BTW (for the past 3+ decades) - today I update with highlights of the 34 UFO reports that occurred in Georgia just since April 2014. As you know in the state UFO series - I try to focus on the reports with pictures and videos submitted - but, in this overview will bring you MUFON reports that also do not have `proof' but offer something of UFOlogy value IMO. (Some submitted reports since April are about long previous experiences too.)

I will attempt to bring some flow to all of the below - thanks for being a reader and make sure to check out other State UFO Blogs (in the sidebar) - and thanks for having a mind still into exploring and not just accepting.
Frankly, I'm a little blown away by just looking at the reports with pictures - indeed, this is one of the most interesting two reports I've seen in some period of time. ... The crux of it is that TWO reports at DIFFERENT times of the day of the SAME cloud experience - one with a meteorologist - and the FIRST report, below, claims that this was quite nefarious indeed.

Before you blow this off - I myself had a VERY strange cloud observation in Atlanta in early May on May 5th - I wrote it up in my blog like this:

So, I had a most peculiar `Chemtrail' observation yesterday.... in the Atlanta skies you can depend on one particular area to often have the big C. But, as you know, TPTB are reluctant to spray into crystal clear blue skies anything more than their short version of the full Chemtrail effect. Now, as I said, a completely clear day... all normal planes I see, as always from the Atlanta Airport (I'm about 40 miles north of it) - have no contrails at all.... but all of a sudden..... a misty foggy image of a cloud began to form in the general location of where the big C's are often seen..... so, I go and get my best binoculars from the back bedroom to take a closer look..... and just as I get back to my back porch... not 20 seconds later.... the whole `cloud' (and we are NOT talking about small) was a squarish shape and RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF IT EMERGED A CHEMTRAIL PLANE. ---- IT did NOT come from ANYWHERE but the center of this `cloud'. Just sharing.

So, I hope you have an open mind. Here we go.

2014 Georgia UFO Reports With Pictures And Videos

April 30th (9:40 AM) Atlanta - WEIRD CLOUD WITH OBJECTS (reported to MUFON 5/6)
it was tuesday morning, I was leaving homedepot and as im walking out the door I just look up. its just something I do now due to the experiences ive encounter in the past. well back to what I was saying I was looking up while I was leaving home depot something really big came down really low above me forming a mushroom shape cloud camouflaging itself under it. im looking around me and there's no one around me, no noise and I started seeing things come out from under it were black disk objects, and one that was just hovering observing everything around me, this object is on the right side of the cloud. and the other to the top left of the cloud. I also noticed a small figure on top of the van in front of me really small green camouflage figure.I quickly jumped in my work van took a pic, caught all three images in one. than took another one when the objects that were hovering were going back into the cloud, and whatever was on that van in front of me disappears. than within 2 minutes or so the cloud goes out of a mushroom shaped cloud to nothing and the object below disappears.
The Pictures Submitted With Above Report
Then, the 2nd picture - perhaps an object? (on the enlargement)

April 30th (3pm) - Weird Cloud Structure
Link To Report Below (Reported to MUFON on 4/30)
Long Description of Sighting Report
This witness prefers to not be identified. It was a bizarre cloud-like structure. As a meteorologist in Atlanta for more than 30 years, I have never seen anything like it.
Really Bizarre, Interesting. -- As usual, the one is an over description of `alien' activity (that I don't really see in the photos except for the smudge that might be something). But, the reports combined should keep Atlantan's checking the sky more often.
More Reports

No location specified, non articulation makes report suspect
The pictures submitted
On May 20th in Conyers --- an incredible video - too incredible for me, with non credible `report' IMO -- BUT, if you want to see something VERY weird - click the link below and the 10 second video will begin and show .... who knows what.
High Strangeness?
asked the pilot and got a chuckle

a totally over the top report, believable, don't know - NO PROOF submitted in any fashion - NOT congruent with the report - is this a MUFON guy? - nothing submitted since either - an excerpt below
On the nights of 4/3/14, 4/4/14, 4/5/14 [Item Moved/CMS/nd] (a former mayor) have been observing unusual activity off of Hwy53 in Watinsville. I asked my friend [Item Moved/CMS/nd] to accompany me, I needed another witness and what we have discovered is unbelievable! We took photos(on tripod)of over 100 ufos over the last 3 days!We observed pulsating multi-colored lights over the tree tops and saw thru the binoculars a disc object stationary it was then joined by another then another,they seperated and slowly(like a plane) moved away from each other.We saw this multiple times and captured some unusual photos that I will send you today! We saw a flash close to us and then took a photo, what we saw will stun you! They shot beams of light toward the ground and towards other ufos. We saw(photo) a large ufo and smaller ones coming out of it! When a plane would come by they would blink out then reappear. We never heard a sound but we saw more than we could have imagined! There was more than we could see with the naked eye, the camera captured what we could not. I have been investigating ufos in my area for over 5 years and have never seen the high volume of ufos as we did last night
Need more High Strangeness?
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Some Serious C.E.5 Calling, Too Close To Home! (Marietta Orb Photo) Latest MUFON Reports

(Reported Same Day)

Ive been watching the skies as much as possible lately. I was made aware of a technique called C.E.5.

The idea is that All points in time and space are connected.

Telepathy exists; the power of prayer so to speak. Here in North Atlanta the weather has been complete shit lately. I wont insult anyones intelligence here, I will just say it; the skies are being concealed from us this month. Its blatantly obvious.

This afternoon the sky broke wide open and I went to take some sun shots. I cleared my mind and sent a pure stream of conscious thought space bound. I started snapping photos when an intrusive thought came directly to mind.

It simply flashed the word "Trees."

I understand Quantum Physics, Behavioral Sciences, and understand my own mind better than anyone. This was a conscious thought.

After 2 minutes of snapping @the sun, I went inside and my wife had asked me what I was doing. I told her.

She is an amazing woman, and over the years has come to understand my fascination with the skies, and has on a previous encounter; witnessed something before w/me.

I went into the kitchen and shut the lights off to examine the digital photos.

On the 5th picture in sequence, there is a solid greenish white glowing orb/sphere in the trees. It is legit. I have examined the photo seriously,and it is confirmed.

While examining the photo I was instantly reminded of the intrusive thought.

This may seem crazy. But with God as my witness; its 100% the truth.

These things exist. Its not some opinion. Follow me on Twitter if you care to: @stucifer2
And, the real interesting Photo submitted:
No - this is not me. I do live in Marietta boundaries. Generally the Orbs that are called appear - and are not JUST captured on photograph. Could it be a thought projection that is being actualized?
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