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Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Georgia UFO MUFON Reports

I'm attempting to update some of my State UFO blogs today...already did Alabama, California and Florida - in each case I was looking specifically at the cases submitted to MUFON that included a notation of "entity" by the submitter. California had dozens and dozens, Florida had 10... Georgia only had 4 (3 really as two reports seem from the same person in Locust Grove and are mainly pictures of clouds) - and as you will see below..just as we saw in CA and FL... just where are those elusive aliens.
May 14th Locust Grove
"I was taking pictures of clouds, they have been really strange lately. Two UFO were in this picture. One is on the edge of the cloud covered ship, the other one is right there in broad daylight."
Here's the FULL Description Link At MUFON I will show you an excerpt of just how flipped out below:

...I can hear them speaking sometimes but they sound far off and metallic. They have acknowledged me on occasion and I them. I always have my camera and binoculars with me so I started looking a little closer. I believe they are coming to the ground by way of the trees. Some are using what seems to be giant nets up at the tree tops. They walk down right out of tree tops. Hammock like areas in the pine trees and dense green leaves like a blind in the others. all seem to be more active at night. At night the terrain will change buildings appear and walkways open up in the trees. Sometimes a giant entity will turn a tree, tip it over at its roots and little people come out. they can be under piles of debris too. Singing is someting that I hear almost night, always a song I have orcistxever heard before. There are some that look like they are made of vegation, branches and dirt. Then there are the robotic, insect, the little browm people,ETC"....
And yes, here's the picture with the obvious UFO craft (bird?)
Seen After Taking BTW - according to the report.
In August, in Layfayette Georgia what could be best described as a fairy was seen. Once again, an excerpt - :
 the object was further a way about 100 to 150 ' and 5 to 7" it was hovering watching me pee
He submitted this as a similar picture (found on internet)
And, finally a report from near Dobbin's AFB in Marietta - near to my location - a report of objects:
 i see the crafts on every clear night by dobbins afb. i know they see them
Now...if you follow UFO reports you know some of them contain High Strangeness - like the excerpt from this report too:
Like Spelling The Person's Name In Pictures He Takes Of The Crafts - required reading really. But, alas, no pictures...not even one...submitted. Such is UFOlogy 2016.
thanks for your interest

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